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Am I eligible for a debt relief order

Debt Relief Orders are designed for those who are in serious financial difficulties.

For a Debt Relief Order to be approved by the Official Receiver, specific criteria must be met.

To be eligible for a Debt Relief Order, you:

-must owe less than £15,000 in unsecured debts
- cannot be a homeowner
- must have no more than £300 worth of assets, some assets don’t need to be included, examples of these -are household equipment, furniture, clothing and bedding, also tools, equipment and books, if they are used for your job
- cannot have a motor vehicle worth more than £1000, unless you have a physical disability and it has been adapted
- must have been a UK resident for the past three years
- must have less than £50 a month income left over once you have made all of your essential expenditure

Not all types of debt can be included in a Debt Relief Order, debts that can be included are:
- credit cards
- overdrafts
- loans
- utility bills
- council tax

Examples of debts that cannot be included, include:

- court fines
- child support and maintenance
- student loans

You will not be eligible to take out a Debt Relief Order if:

- you are currently bankrupt
- your creditors are petitioning for you to be made bankrupt
- you have an IVA or are in the process of applying for an IVA
- you have already had a Debt Relief Order in the last six years

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